What you need to know about the 3 candidates running for Palm Beach Gardens City Council Seat

The election in March 2016 for a group 4 seat in the Palm Beach Beach Gardens City Council is going to be very interesting.

Each of the candidates have interesting future plans for the city if they do get elected.Let us have a look at the candidates:

Palm Beach Gardens

Kevin Easton – He unsuccessfully challenged mayor Jablin in the year 2011 and think the time is right for new leadership and the he is the perfect man for the job. Easton wants the city to start growing at a rapid rate again and so bring new businesses and job opportunities to the city.

David Levey – He is the current vice-mayor of Palm Beach Gardens and a geologist by profession. His profession can help in making a decision on the proposed Avenir development.According to Levey this new development of almost 5000 homes can cause extreme flooding and big water supply problems for the city.
Then there will be also the issue if the development does happen that it will bring over 60 000 extra vehicles on the road every single day.

Carl Woods – He is an ex police offer that has started his own business that conducts investigations and also does background checks on people. Woods feels that the fact that he can run a successful business in the city would make him the best candidate for the council seat.He has also got extensive knowledge doing redesign work on intersections for better safety.

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