Sacramento City Council News And Issues

There has been quite a bit of activity in the city of Sacramento, the capital of California, specifically regarding the city Council as of late. They have done many things in regard to approving grants to combat violence caused by gangs, and have also dealt with several other important issues. Let’s take a look at what they have been doing recently, and why it is so important for this Council to continue to discuss matters that are relevant for the safety and productivity of the city of Sacramento.


Grants To Help Combat Gang Violence

The first agenda that is worth noting in regard to the Sacramento city Council was that they have actually approve to grants that will affect 18 neighborhood organizations which are specifically designed to help reduce gang violence. It was noted that the city’s ability to offset what is happening with gangs in the city is not doing very well, and they believe that this is a step in the right direction for a long-term solution. The total amount for the grant was $680,000 which is a sizable amount, divided between each of the organizations. It is actually money that was approved by voters, specifically who voted for Measure U sales tax, and is therefore properly funded by an approved by the people.


Dealing With The Homeless

The homeless are most certainly in need of help in Sacramento, and the latest City Council meeting has made sure that they are at the top of their agenda. They are going to try to implement similar measures that were approved and utilized in the city of Seattle which could very well work in Sacramento to help diminish the amount of homeless by helping them back into society. Additionally, there would be mandates that need to be followed by the homeless including tent camps that could remain for 90 days at a time. There would be no drugs or alcohol allowed, and those that live there would provide cleanup services and security for nearby neighborhoods, making this a win-win scenario.

Although there are many other issues in the city of Sacramento, helping deal with gang violence and helping the homeless are two priorities that always need to be discussed. The more that the city Council focuses on these problems, and provides solutions for them, it can help those that are involved in gangs find their way out and the homeless can find a way to live in a much more meaningful and dignified way.