Medford City Council News And Issues


In the city of Medford, there are many ongoing projects that have been discussed, many of which will also be observed by the mayor.


Medford Public Library Position

Recently in an hour-long meeting, many of the counselors that were applying for the Medford Public Library position were concerned about when the position would be filled since the retirement of the former director. There is an interim director, the library’s long-term assistant assistant director, who is also applying for the position. Although it would seem likely that this individual would be more skilled for fulfilling the role of the director of the library, other applicants would indeed be considered.


Issues Regarding Senior Workers

Another issue that was very prominent, not only at the meeting, but also in the news, where tax abatements that would be granted to seniors. They would be able to receive these abatements for exchange when working in the community, giving them about 1000 dollars to offset their tax bills. There will be many positions that will be offered to seniors, although the exact nature of the positions was not presented except for greeters that would be at the front of City Hall. This is an easy position that can be done by someone on a part-time basis, and would fully qualify them for the discount on their tax bills.


Issues Regarding Social Security

A concern that most seniors have, as well as people that are working right now, is how long Social Security will actually last. It was designed to be there for people that reached the age of 62, providing them with some type of supplemental retirement income, but the longevity of this program is coming into question.


Discussion About The Bomb Threat

Finally, school security was a very important topic as a result of a bomb threat that occurred at the beginning of February. This was at the Medford high school, and many parents and teachers have complained about the lack of security and recommended that things be tightened up. It was agreed that it is far too easy for anyone to gain access to the school through the front entrance, whereas at the middle school and elementary schools, they already have protection in place. A meeting with the superintendent would occur to discuss these issues as presented by parents and others that want to have more security at the high school, something that will definitely go through once the funding is there and it is approved by the mayor and council.

Cleveland City Council News And Issues

The Cleveland City Council has been very busy with a number of different issues in recent weeks. The mayor has actually prepared a budget that is thought to pass, which can ensure that jobs will be properly funded throughout the city. Black History Month was also a primary focus, a celebrated theme in Cleveland Ohio. Additionally, there is information about the Cleveland Orchestra that would also played to commemorate Doctor Martin Luther King Jr., something directly connected to the Cleveland Community Relations Board designed to provide public awareness.


Infant Mortality Issues

Another issue that was of utmost importance that was discussed recently was the issue of infant mortality. It has been extremely high in recent years in Cleveland, and there are many groups that are designed to get to the bottom of the cause. This could be related to many different issues such as genetics, the environment, stress, and chemicals or pollutants that are in the air. Since it is not known why mortality rates are increasing, it is imperative that a Council meeting be set to discuss these issues regularly to monitor whether things are getting better or worse.


Police Officers And Civil Employees

As with many other cities across the nation, issues regarding civil employees and police officers have been quite tense. There have been problems in relation to racial tensions, and dealing with the rights of both the victims and the police officers, all of which was recently addressed. Of great importance was an issue that occurred back in 2012 where six Cleveland police officers were engaged in a chase that ended in tragedy. They have actually been fired in connection with the chase, and the city is trying to recover from this incident. The purpose of discussing this at the Council was finding ways to help those in the police force, and civilians in the city, learn to cope with one another in a much more balanced manner after such a tragic incident occurred.


Other Issues Discussed

On a personal level, there were people that have lost loved ones that were part of the Council itself, and more lighthearted issues such as free services for pet owners in the area. This Council is dedicated to addressing as many issues as possible to make all of the residents of Cleveland well aware of problems that may be affecting them, and directly addressing issues that will help everyone stays safe and feel more comfortable living and working in the city.

3 Ways That Technology Is Changing Government In Small Cities

When you take a look at how technology has evolved in recent years, it is clear that life is becoming more convenient for everyone. In no case is that more true than when taking a look at how communication has increased. This increase in communication has been valuable particularly for small cities, which now have more fire power on their side in order to communicate with their residents. This is useful both for better governing and for political reasons, allowing people the opportunity to be more involved in the happenings of their government, and increasing the reach for politicians.


Here are three ways that current technology is changing town throughout the U.S.


#1: People Are Registering To Vote In Greater Numbers

When taking a look at how technology has helped city government, one of the major ways is that voting registration has increased. With people getting more information about how to register to vote online and even being able to register to vote online, it does away with some of the barriers and allows people to take it upon themselves to register. People are also becoming more informed about government, thanks to political blogs and podcasts. This is why you see an increase in government participation on all levels.


#2: People Are More Quickly Informed About City Wide Happenings

When there are road closures, street detours, delays, emergencies and other situations, people need to be informed. Not everyone can be by a television or radio around-the-clock, nor do they always read the paper. But with technology, people can sign up for text message and email alerts that will be sent straight to their phone. This way, people will be able to be informed instantaneously in order to make the proper decisions. This is also great for emergencies, as cell phone providers send out Amber alerts to all phone carriers within the geographical area of the Amber alert.


#3: People Are Paying Taxes And Fulfilling Other Legal Obligations Online

Technologies also excellent in terms of one very important issue – taxes. There are even apps now that allow people to quickly and conveniently file their taxes by taking a picture of their return. This way, the government can more quickly and conveniently collect the money that they need to carry out the goods and services of the locality. People can also take care of DMV chores like registration renewal online now, cutting down the crowding and queuing that used to make people dread these chores.

Highly Anticipated: Pittsburgh City Council Cuts Punishment on Possession of Marijuana

It was all smiles as the final meeting of the 2015 session for the Pittsburgh City Council drew to a close last Monday. In a yet unprecedented decision in the Allegheny County, the council approved a bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The bill allows police to enforce a fine of up to one hundred dollars on those who were found carrying less than 30 grams of unprocessed marijuana or 8 grams of the more chemically potent hashish. This is keeping with the trend of further decriminalizing marijuana that has been observed in the motions made by city councils all across the country.

The marijuana decriminalization bill passed by a vote of 7 to 2. It was penned by councilman Daniel Lavelle, who expressed the hope that the bill would be instrumental in reducing the number of police incidents that were centered around the recreational substance. Another councilman told reporters that the passing of the bill was a response to the long overdue reduction of punishment on this now common activity, and that the general public sentiment seemed to reflect the idea that charging a misdemeanor for holding small amounts of illicit substances is not prudent.

The decriminalization of marijuana has been a prominent political trend within the last few years. Many states have experimented with the legalization of marijuana for medical treatment purposes, generally with the caveat that participants in medical programs must attain a prescription from a licensed doctor. Other states, including Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, have even opted to completely legalize the substance for all types of usage, including recreational use. In these places, marijuana use generally follow the guidelines set by local liquor or tobacco laws.

States cite different motivations for legalizing marijuana. Some tout its numerous medical usages, as it has been shown to reduce pain levels in subjects suffering from conditions as diverse as arthritis and glaucoma. Others say that the underground trade of marijuana is nigh impossible to pretend anyway, which means legalization is the only way to ensure that the practice is safe and free from corruption. It doesn’t hurt that municipalities get a handy bit of extra sales tax revenue, of course.

Still, marijuana legalization is a divisive issue, and even bills aimed at decriminalizing the substance have their detractors. This debate will surely appear in the upcoming elections, and in the term beyond that.

Boston City Council Accused Of Violating State Laws

In any city or town council situation, the local government is required to give the public notice of any initiatives that are going to be voted on, so that they have a chance to attend and voice their concerns in the form of a public hearing. Well, the city of Boston is being accused of breaking such laws. The city of Boston has laws on the books that prevent their council from being able to vote on anything unless the public is given two days notice. However, the city council recently put a measure on the meeting agenda and voted that day.

The city is being accused by an organization that is fighting for marijuana advocacy. A lot of medical marijuana groups have sprang up recently, due to the fact that so many jurisdictions are passing laws to legalize marijuana, either for recreational use or medical use. The city of Boston will soon have a measure on its ballot which will vote for medical marijuana. This measure is set to go to vote during the November elections. The most recent meeting note for which the city of Boston is being accused of breaking state openness laws also revolves around medical marijuana.

This most recent measure was a buffer law. A buffer law means that medical marijuana dispensaries would not be able to exist within about a half a mile of each other. This way, people will not have to worry about their neighborhoods being overrun by medical marijuana dispensaries. The medical marijuana advocacy group followed its complaint recently, accusing the city Council of not being open. The city Council also had the chance to respond to the complaint in the press, saying that it all boiled down to a simple mistake.

They said that the mistake was due to a typo on the city Council meeting posting. They also claimed that the online version of that had the proper agenda without the typo. We will have to see how this measure plays out, as openness in government is something that is serious business and must be upheld. This will also play a huge role in how the growth of medical marijuana will play out throughout the city of Boston. This is an issue which could shape the landscape of that struggle throughout the city as well, so it will be worth paying attention to.

The Debate Continues Over Central Park Carriage Horse Bill

On a chilly early morning in March, the beat of hooves clicking on pavement still sounds out in the relative silence of the dawn. Every morning, the carriage drivers of Central Park wake when it’s still dark to making their way to the stables, each housing hundreds of horses in identical berths. They clean the stalls, water the horses, put on tack, before finally departing, headed to the outer perimeters of the park to look for their first customers of the day.

Central Park has been home to a multitude of carriage drivers and horses since its creation in 1857. These vehicles have become a well known tourist attraction, as well as a visible reminder of New York’s cultural heritage. They provide entertainment to visitors and natives alike, temporarily giving riders a taste of the old ways. In many ways, the Central Park horse drawn carriages have become an indisputable landmark, a symbol of New York city as inextricable as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building.

This is not to say that the carriages have not had their share of detractors. Over the years, the practice of operating horse drawn vehicles on the same roads that automobiles use has come under fire from safety concerned citizens and professional drivers alike. Critics also impugn the horses themselves, characterizing them as smelly, distracting, and potentially even dangerous hazards. In addition, animal rights groups have implicated the practice as being cruel to the horses, who they claim are made to work in unsafe conditions and harsh weather.

These criticisms have culminated in a bill put forward by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. This piece of legislation would not completely eliminate the practice, and instead opts to reduce the total number of carriage drivers within the next few years. It also arranges for more stables to be built in Central Park, which will hopefully ensure that horses are kept in modern and humane conditions.

While this bill has garnered much support from organization that include The Teamsters and a number of groups for the prevention of the ethical treatment of animals, it has also proved controversial among certain circles. Critics argue that government money should not be spent on facilities that will largely only see private usage. They also express concern about funds going to housing horses when the homelessness problem in the city continues to grow. The bill will go to vote in the city council later this year.

Responsibility of Local Government

Recently I read a blog post by a Dallas personal injury lawyer that got me thinking. How much responsibility does local government have to keep residents safe? If for example a known dangerous intersection needs a stop light and city council votes down the stop light and a child is killed by a car at that intersection, how much liability does the city bear?

I’ll be exploring this topic more soon. If anyone has any case law to contribute to this topic, please let me know.

UPDATE: Currently getting comments from a lawyer at this firm:

People are getting tired of local governments that fail their communities

Things don’t look going forward if one looks at what is going on at the moment with local governments. The problem is that many local institutions can’t provide communities with the most basic needs like water,electricity and schooling. One of the biggest debates at the moment is the terrible water crisis in Flint Michigan.

For anyone that wants to know more about the huge water crisis that Flint is experiencing go this link where it shows a timeline of the how the whole water crisis emerged.

Below is also a video showing more about the situation that the city of Flint is experiencing

What you need to know about the 3 candidates running for Palm Beach Gardens City Council Seat

The election in March 2016 for a group 4 seat in the Palm Beach Beach Gardens City Council is going to be very interesting.

Each of the candidates have interesting future plans for the city if they do get elected.Let us have a look at the candidates:

Palm Beach Gardens

Kevin Easton – He unsuccessfully challenged mayor Jablin in the year 2011 and think the time is right for new leadership and the he is the perfect man for the job. Easton wants the city to start growing at a rapid rate again and so bring new businesses and job opportunities to the city.

David Levey – He is the current vice-mayor of Palm Beach Gardens and a geologist by profession. His profession can help in making a decision on the proposed Avenir development.According to Levey this new development of almost 5000 homes can cause extreme flooding and big water supply problems for the city.
Then there will be also the issue if the development does happen that it will bring over 60 000 extra vehicles on the road every single day.

Carl Woods – He is an ex police offer that has started his own business that conducts investigations and also does background checks on people. Woods feels that the fact that he can run a successful business in the city would make him the best candidate for the council seat.He has also got extensive knowledge doing redesign work on intersections for better safety.

Have a look at the video to find out more about Palm Beach Gardens