Is Gatlinburg Abusing Their Power

Gatlinburg is often seen as a beautiful tourist area, but in some cases the residents that live in GatlinburgĀ just want to be left alone. This is very true of some of the residents who live in town who had the very real threat of eminent domain being used to overtake the properties for the use of commercial development. While this is a decision that a lot of people have come to love, the property owners were feeling threatened and so are some of the other residents who live in this town about the choices that are being made by the government.


What is key here is the city is starting to take these properties, that in some cases were empty, but other cases are occupied for the development of more commercial properties. Now these properties were ones that were not the best in town, but the decision was made on the council level for the city to take the properties. and compensate people properly for them, but at the same time it does look bad for the city.


What the city plans on doing with these properties they have obtained is definitely admirable as they are going to plan on getting the city expanded and starting to develop the commercial district more. This is a great idea, but it comes at the expense of the citizens, but as we mentioned the extra commercial income from the taxes could easily cover the loss of the residential income levels.


The problem with this format is it does leave quite a few people who live near Gatlinburg, but are in the commercial districts with there private homes worried. What happens if the city decides to use the same type of force on them? Yes, they would be able to present a court battle, but this cost quite a bit of money to take a city to court. Not to mention in previous court cases, even in Ohio for the development of a shopping mall, the owner of the properties ended up losing, but they were compensated quite a bit more than what the owners who sold out right away were offered.


Commercialization of private property is going to happen at some point. In Gatlinburg the city has used their eminent domain to push this into the region at times. The decision was not exactly the best one they made and even stirred up quite a bit of controversy at the time. However, what happens if the city decides to push this expansion agenda again?