Hillsboro, Ohio Mayor Still In Turmoil


Drew Hastings left the comedy world and thought he was moving to an area that would leave him a peaceful retirement. However, in what some people are calling a political head hunt, the mayor has found himself embroiled in a court battle that is one that some are saying is the good old boys hunting after the mayor who is trying to make changes. So are these charges founded or unfounded that the mayor is currently facing off against?

One of the primary charges stems from a property the mayor owns in Hillsboro. The property was given a notice about an issue and it would take five hundred dollars to get it back to the point that it could be inhabited again. The mayor claimed to have made these changes and reported them to the agency in charge of removing the fine. However, an issue that he is facing is the government official that is in charge of the seals never seen the check for the money and his office was broken into with the mayors information now having his seal of approval on it.

Illegal dumping is something that is treated as a crime for several reasons. One of the reasons is the illegal dumping can fill up the landfills, but it is also a crime because the dumpsters may not be owned by the person who is dumping in them. This is another charge the mayor is facing as he was allegedly caught dumping his personal trash in the city owned dumpsters.

In most cities, including Hillsboro, it is a requirement for the government officials live within the city limits. While Mayor Hastings does own property in the city, he was accused of having property outside of the city as his primary residence, which goes against the charter for the mayors office. So he is also being investigated and charged for this as well.

All of the charges are against Mayor Hastings do seem like they are starting to add up, but the key is are the charges founded or unfounded? According to the state of Ohio they were founded enough to bring forth Grand Jury indictments on the mayor. They have even reached the point of appointing a special judge to oversee the case as it moves forward in the court of law. Even if Mayor Hastings is found innocent on the charges, this is sure to have tarnished his image to the residents of Hillsboro.